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Dania is quoted here: Working with the UAC students for a day and seeing what they took away from their introduction to archeology was incredibly rewarding for me.

Their maturity and insightfulness impressed me to no end.

Student Quotes: Monica: “The UAC program influenced me to come out of my shell.

It taught me new things about Lawrence and different National Parks.

Knowing that the city was once a whole community, really gives hope to one day we can maybe have that again.” Youth Leader Quotes: Ceara: “Honestly, UAC was life-changing for me in the sense of how I see not only pride for a community, but also how youth can empower and direct a program in a way that is both tangibly and mentally useful for them all.

I am honored to have met all our students; I know it’s cliche, but they taught me a plethora of information: that the history of a city can be used to prevent judgement upon it, that even tho[ugh] negative things have created a history, it does not mean that positive can never occur thereafter, and that each story is connected by both physical and emotional pieces and artifacts.” Bridget: “The Urban Archaeology Corps was a life-changing experience that has greatly influenced my professional development as well as my personal development.

*********************************************************************** We are honored to share with you the following reflections on AUC Groundwork Lawrence, provided to us by the student participants and the youth leaders.

We spent a day a few weeks prior helping the students with the artifact analysis component of the program. When asked what they thought of artifact analysis at the end of the day, one young man responded, “I loved it! Many of the final projects presented on the South Common focused on the immigrant’s experience throughout the history of Lawrence.It was a positive experience and I’ll always be grateful to be [a part] of it.” Franchesca: “I learned a lot in this program and feel that it brought me to meet new people.I loved learning about where I come from and bonding with coworkers.” Karina: “This program was actually a good experience.Their participation in the program encouraged a pride in the diverse history of their city that is both moving and inspiring.