Are blake and sierra from versaemerge dating updating papervision indexes

21-Feb-2018 05:21

Unfortunately, things change a lot in eight years, and though we didn’t tell the public, our romantic relationship ended over a year ago.” They continued, “But as everyone does know, we’ve been best friends forever and really tried to keep A&S going.However, we’ve arrived at a point where it feels better to branch out rather than continue making music together. So thank you to anyone who ever watched videos of us, bought a CD, came to see us live, bought merch, or simply enjoyed the music and listened and shared with friends.” “No band lasts forever, whether they dated or not, but we will cherish every memory, and our love for will most certainly last forever,” Kinsey, 25, and Deaton, 26, — whose partnership produced a studio album (), national tours and a hit single, “Scarecrow” — wrote.

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sat down with Sierra to get some back to school style advice, and find out a little more about her band! Sierra Kusterbeck: This lineup, which is me and Blake [Harnage] has been together for three years. I don't like crazy patters, so if I can wear something solid with an interesting cut, I'm all about it.17: Do you have any advice for girls who headed back to school and have a style that might be a bit different from everyone else? I always dressed a little differently, but I remember sometimes looking in the mirror in the morning and thinking, "That's too much, I don't want to look weird." And I regret that!