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The Squadron was first activated as the 406th Fighter Squadron in 1943, one of the original squadrons of the 371st Fighter Group.

The squadron saw combat in the European Theater of World War II before being inactivated in 1945, earning a Distinguished Unit Citation for its attacks in March 1945 that led to the defeat of Axis forces in southern Germany.

latter then shop floor people convert this planned order/schedule line into production order and do confirmation.

whether is this correct procedure and system will act as an different manner for scheduling agreement?

The squadron remained at Dow and was reassigned to the 4060th Air Refueling Wing until August, when it moved to Bergstrom Air Force Base, Texas, The 506th was inactivated at Bergstrom on 1 July 1957 and its mission, personnel, and equipment were transferred to the 92d Air Refueling Squadron, which was activated that same day to assume SAC resources at Bergstrom as the 42d Air Division and SAC fighter organizations were transferred to Tactical Air Command.

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The squadron mission was to provide in-flight refueling for its parent wing and other USAF units.Sales dept Maintain scheduling agreement instead of sales order for an FG, and thise agreement maintain as schedule line in Forecast(weekly) and then it again divided as an schedule line(day) in JIT.While we run the MRP system will create planned order/schedule line against sales order's schedule line.what all are the master field settings and what all are the transaction flow we wants to do?

Kindly explained us * Can we fix the schedule line qty in MRP settings while create schedule line automatically?The squadron was awarded a Distinguished Unit Citation for its attacks between 15 March and 21 March 1945 that contributed to the defeat of Axis forces in southern Germany.It continued combat operations until the Surrender of Germany in May.This carries significant implications for the use of the mouse as a model of human infectious disease.