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31-Mar-2017 18:52

I'm trying as much as possible to progress on the many fronts this website has to offer (other thematic lessons, pronunciation, grammar) and I'll do my best to extend this lesson.

I already have a few ideas such as: romantic affectionate nicknames in Romanian, or to extend the list of compliments, or an article about a relationship with a Romanian, translate more love songs from Romanian to English. I was able to learn some phrases to say to my future Romanian husband that let him know just how seriously I LOVE him, I will be returning to this site to learn more Romanian sayings to be able to communicate without it having to be in English!!

Aripile tale sa ma apere de rau si eu in dar sa'ti dau inima si sufletul meu Many thanks Very beautiful phrase.

Here is the adapted translation: "Beautiful and warm angel that appeared on my way, remain as beautiful and clean.

I happened to find your site when looking for a few phrases to include. I'm very happy to hear that you found a Romanian girl that you like. If it's not too personal, if you do not include her name, you can post your message in English here, as you posted the previous one, and I'll translate it.

She speaks perfect English so sending her a card in English is no problem. I think that it would be good to send her a message in Romanian, to show that you care, and that you are willing to make an effort and speak her language. If you prefer to keep it private, just write me a message by using the contact form All our services are for free, so there is no need to pay.

Now there are two translations, but better two than none :) BRAVO! I also agree with the Admin, Romanian women are sincere and show full unconditional love.

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Hi There is a Romanian girl that I like and I was planning on sending her a valentines card next year. Te iubesc cum nu vezi nici in filme I love you as you don't see in movies Te iubesc mai mult decat se scrie I love you then they write Te iubesc mai mult decat se spune I love you more then they say Te iubesc cand soarele apune I love you when the sun goes down Mai mult decat orice pe lume more than anything in the world Cum nu te-a iubit nimeni As no one loved you Te iubesc cand soarele rasare I love you when the sun rises Te iubesc cu dor si nerabdare I love you with longing and impatience Te iubesc mai mult decat se poate I love you more than can be Te iubesc chiar si atunci cand ma doare I love You even when it hurts ..mult decat orice pe lume ..than anything in the world Cum nu te-a iubit nimeni As no one loved you Te iubesc si nu ma pot abtine I love You and I can not help it Te iubesc tot ci am iti apartine I love You everything I have is yours Te iubesc mai mult decat pe mine I love You more than myself Te iubesc esti singura din lume I love You, You're the only one in the world ..mult decat orice pe lume ..than anything in the world cum nu te-a iubit nimeni As no one loved you Te iubesc si-ti dau tot ci-am in mine I love You and give you all but I have in me Te iubesc la rau nu doar la bine I love you not only for better or worse Te iubesc pentru eternitate for eternity Te iubesc sufletul meu pereche my soulmate ..mult orice pe lume more than anything in the world cum nu te-a iubut nimeni As no one loved you Thank you Hugo, You are right, many Romanian women are sincere and they tend to show the real full unconditional love. It's difficult to generalize so I'm happy that you have found your soulmate.and hopefully we shall in time move to Romania to live...well i to have met an amazing lady we have fun she is teaching me Romanian and i can say i am loving it as much as i love her but from time to time she tells me i need to learn English That for me is funny i am English it does not matter where we come from its what is in our hearts so this will help me a lot thank you live love and peace to all Hi Fay, We are very happy for you The translation is: "Mă îndrăgostesc de tine".

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Unfortunately we do not have the pronunciation of this exact phrase.

All the best I have met the most amazing Romanian woman. Here it is the translation of your above English text into Romanian: "Crezi în destin? I am currently writing a poem for a special someone for her birthday and was hoping you could help. I would use an adaptation of your translation: "Visând la povești nespuse Descoperă misterele din aripile tale Armonie a aerului si marii" Here is the word by word translation, just so that you see the difference: "Stai visând la povești nespuse Descoperă misterele din aripile tale Unind aerul și marea" For the last part of your question, your assumption is correct, "La mulți ani, petala mea" is translated as 'Happy birthday my petal" All the best and if you need more help just let me know Hello, I just meet this Romanian girl, and I really like her.

Are you just dating a Romanian or just want to make a good impression on your first date? Well, you have come to the right place, because we'll help you acquire the vocabulary with the usual free pronunciation that you can find on our website needed to how to meet Romanian women or men opening lines; ask.… continue reading »

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Delia is from Romania. Delia 30. Hello there! Bucureşti, Bucureşti, Romania Seeking Male 27 - 39 for Romance / Dating. I am a positive person, always looking for new things/ places to explore. i have sense of humour and i appreciate it at a man, i am honest, open minded, spontaneous and friendly.i like to read, write and.… continue reading »

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Sep 10, 2013. Western men prefer to date Romanian women vs. American women differences less materialistic Romanians like dating American men prefer Romanian women.… continue reading »

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