Dating british girls

27-Jul-2017 17:36

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She gave me an apologetic look, as if to say, 'I know this is awkward, but what can I do? An ex-girlfriend of mine had called a few days earlier to ask if I’d look after her younger sister when she arrived in New York.

She’d just graduated from the London School of Economics and had landed a gig as a paralegal at an American law firm.

I think it may have something to do with the sheer number of freeloading British hacks who’ve passed through the city since the 1950s.

New Yorkers have had it up to here with our constant corrections – 'I think you’ll find it’s called The Times, dear boy, not “The London Times”’ – and our endless complaints about how awful American chocolate is.

I started regaling her with my blind-date war stories, a topic of conversation that was completely off-limits with American women.

They’d inevitably feel obliged to take up the cudgels on behalf of their sex, whereas Caroline just started cracking up.

Evelyn Waugh said that charm is a quality that doesn’t exist outside the British Isles and that’s particularly true of our women.

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But after two years in New York I’d discovered that the reputation of Englishmen had taken a bit of a battering since he lived there.

In New York a woman who’s still single in her mid-thirties is more likely to get struck by lightning than she is to get married, so a single man in want of a wife is a valuable commodity.

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