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02-Jul-2017 10:04

Fujin (named after the Japanese wind god Fūjin) is the then-unnamed wind god that first appears in MK Mythologies as one of the four guardians assigned by Raiden to guard Shinnok's amulet, all of whom Sub-Zero must defeat in order to acquire it.

In Armageddon, where Fujin returns as a playable for the first time since 1999's Mortal Kombat Gold, he expresses his concern over what has caused Raiden's descent into madness.

In the 1995 CD-ROM The Ultimate Guide to Mortal Kombat, produced by Threshold Entertainment, he is noncanonically described as having been "vaporized" by Raiden after the events of MKII.

Kintaro is often compared to Goro in terms of critical reception.

Fujin searches for Taven and his brother Daegon, hoping to prevent their progress and learn the true purpose of their quest.

Taven then defeated Fujin in combat, allowing him to continue his journey but feeling regret at having had to do this to a friend.

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In a comic prequel of Mortal Kombat X, Fujin aids Raiden in searching for a missing "Kamidogu" dagger cursed by Quan Chi.However, he is later attacked and is rescued by Takeda Takahashi.Fujin gifts him a mask and armor resembling that of his mentor Hanzo Hasashi (Scorpion).He was ranked 30th on UGO's 2012 list of the top fifty MK characters, though they opined that he "serves no real purpose except for being a reskinned Goro whose sole purpose is to avenge the aforementioned's death," while adding, "If Goro and Tygra from Thunder Cats somehow managed to produce a child, this would be it." and Den of Geek placed him sixteenth—one spot below Goro—in their 2015 ranking of the series' 73 characters.

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