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The founders called their new realm Calalus (“Waste­land” in Hebrew) and it lasted from 780 until 900, when it was destroyed by earth­quakes, and the king returned with a large part of his followers to Mexico. Yates Published by Panther’s Lodge Publishers 2016 We look forward to hearing any feedback from you and encourage you to pass this email on to interested persons. The latter age range is synchronous with the a period of dart and atlatl use and is coterminous with the earliest accepted dates for the initiation of Rose Spring Series arrow points (ca. Also some surprising new observations associate the feminine gender with at least two of the projectile point petroglyph images.At this crossroads of civilizations in ninth century West Mexico we also detect Chinese seal script, Hindu cult objects, Mesoamerican glyphs, images of Jewish and Christian temples, Celtic ogam inscriptions and what might be called “pre-Templar” symbols. Both figures are either animal-human or human hunter (shamanistic? Alternative suggestions are included for understanding this apparent paradoxical relationship of male weaponry with the feminine gender.It is available to preview or order only by special invitation and by going to this link: You can purchase a softcover print edition of the book from Blurb for .75 or pdf download for .99. Here is the preface from the Blurb study edition so you can read about the background of this publication: Preface Now that nearly a hundred years have passed since the so-called Tucson Crosses or Silverbell Artifacts were excavated in the compacted soil of the Santa Cruz river valley outside Tucson, Arizona in the years between 19, it seems appro­priate to tell the real story of their meaning for Southwest archeology and indeed world history. These images when considered in detail appear to date to the period when Elko and Humboldt Series points were in use.

Yates 2005-2015 Old Souls in a New World, by Donald N.

Campbell Grant and his associates initially recognized a number of such projectile point petroglyphs within the Coso Range rock art tradition (Grant et al. The authors mention them briefly and only devote a single paragraph within their 147 page monograph.

However, even after mentioning them and providing pen and ink sketches of these elements and figures they did not attempt to date them.

Doubts about Category: Africa, Bay of Biscay, Brazil, Bronze Age, Canaan, Canarian Currents, Cape Bojador, Carthaginian, Celts of Gaul, Cheng Ho, Chinese, Crete, Cyprus, Egypt, Eritrea, Erythraean Sea, Eskimo, Ethiopia, Galicia, Gate of Tears, Greek, Gulf of Aden, Iberia, India, Indian Ocean, Inuit, Lake Tana, Lake Titicaca, Lothal, Mandeb Straits, Mediterranean, Mesoamerica, Mohammed, Mtepe, North Equatorial Currents, oars, paddles, Peru, Pharoah Khasekhemy, Pharoah Necho, Phoenico, Punics, Punt, Rafts, Ras Shamra, Red Sea, Reed boats, sails, Skin-boats, Spain, Ugarit, West Mexico, Yucatan, Zheng He / Tags: East Africa seafaring, Mtepe, reed boats, skin-boats WEST AFRICANS & NAVIGATION by Harry Bourne [email protected] & NAVIGATION: Oliphantes to Ogowe This is to be seen as a companion piece for “East Africans & Navigation” that in turn is one of a series of papers discussing aspects of whether Africans Category: Africa, Aryan Invasion Theory, Atlantis, Austronesians, Balson Holdings site, Bantu Migration Theory, Benin Republic, Bissagos, Bissagos Islands, Brazzaville, C-14, Canary Islands, Canoes, Cape Verde Islands, Carthage, Carthaginian, Celtic, Congo, dogs, Drakensberg Mountains, Egypt, Fijian, furnaces, Guinea-Bissau, Hannno, Ijo, Ireland, Juba II, Kenya, Khwe, Lukenya Hill, Malian Empire, Mantenos, Mauritania, Mesoamerica, Morocco, Namibian coast, Niger, Nile, Ogowe, Oliphantes, outriggers, Phoenico, Polynesian, Ptolemy, Punic, Punt, Red Sea, Senegal, Skeleton Coast, South Africa, Stone Age, Stoneman / Tags: African seafaring, canoe, Khoikhoi Hi Friends– Regarding: the so-called “fantasy isle” of Frisland on the Zeno Map of 1380: Prince Henry Sinclair’s legacy as a New World voyager, savior of 4,000 stranded Greenland farmers, and pirate-fighter has been held hostage by doctrinaire historians who have claimed that the Zeno Category: bacalaos, Baffin Island, Basque, cod, codfish, Columbus, Denmark, East Coast, England, Fixland, Foxe Basin, Frisland, Greenland, Holland, Labrador, lumber, Magnetic North Pole, Newfoundland, North Atlantic, North Norway, Norway, Notre Dame Bay, Portuguese, Prince Henry Sinclair, Spanish Conquistadores, stockfish, Vitalien, Zeno Map, Zeno Narrative / Tags: Frisland, Prince Henry Sinclair, Vitalien Pirates This web site is dedicated to investigating mysteries of history and archaeology, some that arose long before Christopher Columbus sailed west, some that are more recent. There are articles by both amateurs and professionals, seasoned researchers and beginners, great writers, and people who simply have something to say. (See contributors’ guide) You may notice a close similarity to the name of a popular archaeology magazine, Ancient American.

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This is the maritime history western parts or Atlantic-facing Europe but most especially that of the maritime Celts.