Excel application updating

28-Jun-2017 19:37

The way out of this frozen state is simple: Go back to the VBE, and execute the following statement in the Immediate window: If you have a worksheet with many complex formulas, you may find that you can speed things considerably by setting the calculation mode to manual while your macro is executing.

When the macro finishes, set the calculation mode back to automatic.

These types of messages mean that you can’t leave Excel unattended while it executes your macro — unless you know the secret trick.

Excel executes the default operation for these types of messages.

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There are times when Excel is still processing, but because Excel has lost focus, the statusbar does not update until the code is complete and the application.statusbar=false is triggered.Is there a standard approach, such as adding doevents, that will force the statusbar to continue updating when Excel regains focus?It's kind of hard to test directly, since I don't have any current projects that run long enough to replicate the symptoms for multiple test runs...Your code runs faster if you use the With-End With structure.

An additional benefit is that your code may be easier to read.When executing a macro, you can sit back and watch all the onscreen action that occurs in the macro.Although doing this can be instructive, after you get the macro working properly, it’s often annoying and can slow the performance of your macro considerably.This happens even when Excel is still processing and regains the focus; the statusbar remains non-updated.