Florida law for validating a debt

11-Oct-2017 21:43

Maybe you would even have counterclaims if they made false entries to your credit report.

If you can afford to, hire an attorney to assist you.

Therefore, because of California's high income tax rates, many clients will be subject to the federal AMT where the clients have a large amount of taxable gain (and resulting California personal income taxes) from the sale of their business. The "American Jobs Creation Act of 2004" created a new deduction for qualified production activities income which effectively reduces the tax rate for C corporations, partnership, LLCs, and even proprietorships.

This new phased-in production activities "percentage" deduction equals of: (i) the taxpayer's "qualified production activities income" which is its U. manufacturing production income; or (ii) the taxpayer's taxable income.

A notice need not offer to identify the original creditor unless the name and address of the original creditor are different from the current creditor.

A debt collector’s institution of formal legal action against a consumer (including the filing of a complaint or service of legal papers by an attorney in connection with a lawsuit to collect a debt) or transmission of a notice to a consumer that is required by law as a prerequisite to enforcing a contractual obligation is not a “communication in connection with collection of any debt,” and thus does not confer section G notice-and-validation rights on the consumer.

since taxable years beginning on or after July 1, 1987.

The current combined 53.25 percent maximum tax rate on an asset's sale gain should be contrasted with the sale of the business by a corporate stock sale which produces only one level of tax on the gain for a low combined 21.04 percent maximum federal and California capital gain rate.

However, California's top state individual income tax bracket has recently increased with the which is in addition to the regular California maximum individual tax rate of 9.3 percent.

Because of the potential double level of income taxation on the asset sale of a business (at the C corporate level and then at the individual level), the tax consequences of a business's sale will be governed by what owns that business -- partnership, limited liability company, S corporation or C corporation.

and Statute of Limitations Your question is fact specific. The SOL should start from the date of the last payment.

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If you are being sued, you must answer the complaint and raise all applicable defenses.

Collection notices by phone, mail or 3rd party can be unsettling and cause some people to panic because they do not know their fair debt collection rights.

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