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30-Aug-2017 13:02

Tabling events and workshops are being organized and Abi Nader even uses the old fashion technique of simply approaching students smoking outside the INTO building to chat with them.So far, no one has been hostile, and in fact, Abi Nader said the fact that he’s a non-native speaker seems to put other international students at ease.Abi Nader also tries to be culturally savvy about his approach.For instance, if he sees a group of male students from the Middle East standing together, he knows that one of them is likely the leader, or main influencer, of the group, so he tries to quickly establish which student is taking charge of the conversation, and directs his efforts that way.Student Health Services’ newly hired graduate assistant Patrick Abi Nader, a native of Lebanon and a Peer Health Advocate with SHS, is using his own experiences as an international student to reach out to INTO students, and so far, has received a warm welcome.“Students have been very open to discussing the issue,” he said.

“They know they don’t have to speak perfect English to speak with me,” he said.

The United States Congress has not attempted to enact any nationwide federal smoking ban.

Therefore, smoking bans in the United States are entirely a product of first-level jurisdictional, local criminal, and occupational safety and health laws.

Edwards said INTO OSU and UHDS staff have been important partners during the education process, and she’s encouraged that international students are slowly starting to come into SHS for smoking cessation counseling.

Abi Nader has only had a handful of clients during his first two weeks with the program, but as word of mouth spreads, and the smoke-free campus deadline approaches, those numbers are bound to increase.

11 other states have enacted statewide smoking bans but have carved out an exception for certain establishments and workplaces: Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Louisiana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania.

Mar 8, 2005. Various services are available to visitors of, including fact sheets, booklets, answers to frequently asked questions, personal stories written by current and former smokers, discussion forums and chat rooms, tests, games, and two interactive, computer-tailored smoking cessation programs 10.… continue reading »

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Dec 12, 2014. Set a date Pick a day and time in the near future that you expect to be relatively stress-free so you can prepare to quit smoking. Quitting when. smoking triggers. If you smoke while you drive, keep a pack of gum on hand, or if you smoke after dinner, plan to take a walk or chat on the phone with a friend.… continue reading »

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