Intraocular lens accommodating

14-Jun-2017 04:26

Following surgery, you will be able to see at multiple distances. What’s more, it is an outpatient procedure, so you can go home right after your surgery.

You should see well without glasses virtually right away, and you’ll be back to your everyday routine the day after surgery.

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He has also had some problems with its pupil dependence so patients with smaller pupils seem not to get much effect, he said. Slade said: “The disadvantage is that we can’t tell people that they’re going to have perfect glasses-free vision.

While your up-close vision will almost certainly be far better following surgery, there is a good chance you will need to continue wearing reading glasses for some tasks, like reading the menu in the darkest restaurants.

Currently, Crystalens and Trulign Toric IOLs are the only FDA-approved presbyopia-correcting IOLs for cataract surgery that improve near vision by a focusing process called accommodation. This is why they are classified as "accommodating IOLs." Both lenses are manufactured and distributed by Bausch + Lomb.… continue reading »

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Are you a candidate for cataract surgery? Learn more about lens implant options like the Accomodating IOL available at UCLA Laser Refractive Center.… continue reading »

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Accommodative intraocular lenses where are we and where we are going. Jorge L. AlióEmail authorView ORCID ID profile,; Jorge L. Alió del Barrio and; Alfredo Vega-Estrada. Eye and Vision201. https// © The Authors. 2017. Received 12 October 2016. Accepted 19 April 2017.… continue reading »

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