Ios settings bundle not updating

05-Jan-2017 03:17

It doesn’t use new exploits and only chains together existing exploits to jailbreak your device.Here’s how it works –The developer has released it specifically because some other developers were not releasing anything despite having a working jailbreak.

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A new feature that comes baked into i OS 10 shows you where you last parked your car right in the Maps app.

Step 8 Open the app and tap the Jailbreak button to start the jailbreak process.

Remember, it may or may not be successful on the very first try.

Step 5 It will now prompt you to install your Apple ID credentials. Step 6 The jailbreak application will now be present on your home screen.

If it’s there, disconnect your device from your computer.The only way it can prove useful is if someone tries to upgrade to unsigned i OS 11 versions using the latest signed i OS 11 version.This will only matter if a jailbreak for i OS 11 drops somewhere down the line.On the other hand, it requires you to both have the latest version of i OS installed and to have a compatible head unit in your car, either with Bluetooth or Car Play capability.

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