Landrover dating certificates

20-Apr-2017 12:05

If you’re not worried about originality, and just want something fun to pootle around in, then you won’t struggle to find a suitable Minor for sensible money.£1650 is the entry point for a rough but road-going Minor 1000, with a great example coming in at around £6000.The main thing is to be sure of what you’re buying, as some are passed off as genuine when they’re not. The 1275cc A-Series engine is the most common, and in-keeping upgrade.While A-series upgrades are generally the most popular way of freeing up extra power today, transplanting a Rover K-Series was for a time extremely popular.The Morris Minor made its debut way back in 1948, yet there’s no sign of its appeal diminishing. A combination of practicality, charm, usability and affordability all conspire to ensure the Minor is near the top of many classic buyers’ wish lists – throw in superb club and specialist support, and it’s easy to see the Minor’s enduring appeal.Whether you’re a long-standing classic owner or you’re looking for your first golden oldie, few cars fit the bill better than a Minor.If you’re after something to punt down a country lane at high-speed, then you’d be better off looking at a classic Mini Cooper, but for a bit of fun and usable cruising around time, then the Minor is almost unbeatable.Side-valve Minors are rare and they’re hard-going too, thanks to the lack of power.

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All panels are available to repair the most rotten of bodyshells – but if much work is needed, doing so won’t be economically viable.• The primitive front suspension needs fresh grease every 3000 miles, or the kingpins wear out.The rear suspension is even more archaic; check for leaking lever arm dampers, although many cars have been converted to telescopic dampers by now.Establishing which bodystyle you want is probably easy; the Traveller is a capacious estate, while the Tourer is a fabulous convertible – even the saloon is full of charm.

Many Tourers started out as two-door saloons and while properly converted cars are perfectly safe, some are complete death traps.

• The gearbox is the Achilles’ heel, with parts supply poor for all cars other than the 1098c edition; split-screen parts are especially rare.

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