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30-Nov-2017 09:08

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Considering that I've watched a significant amount of hockey in my years, I wanted to put together this post to help fans who find themselves asking the age old question How is the view from behind the net? You will undoubtedly always find unique aspects to every arena, so while the recommendations below can help with finding great seats across MOST venues, they don't serve as the end all be all to every individual venue.

We're always happy to provide customized recommendations, so feel free to send us your inquiry directly and we'll write you back as soon as possible.

Cost: $$$$$ (expensive) Best For: Limitless Budgets, Fans Looking for a Truly Unique Experience Even for the new hockey fan, it probably comes as no surprise that seats against the glass are the home to some of the most exciting experiences one could have at a hockey game.

You can be just a pane of plexiglass away from your favorite players during board battles, and while many arenas are now discouraging it, its a ton of fun to bang on the glass to show your support.

Avoid the lower seating tiers where views are extremely difficult, and just enjoy the one of a kind event!

Madison Square Garden - Front Row in the 200 Level: Excellent viewing angles from the front of the 200 level sections, and an HDTV monitor right at your feet!

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The three deaths triggered a debate in the hockey community about the issues faced by enforcers and their place in the game.

Sitting at center ice not only provides the traditional views that many are accustomed to from TV broadcasts, but also keeps you in the middle of everything and you won't be left with one side of the ice where the view is just too far to follow the location of the puck.