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In other spots, less respectful people had thrown things at the sphere. That had stopped when others had tidied up the area and the flowers had started appearing here and there.

There had been talk of blanketing the entire thing in flower petals, so it wasn’t a gray-brown egg with a neat pattern, but others wanted to leave it be, protecting it with a bubble or shelter so the rain and dust could clear away, and people who visited could see the three heroes as they were when they were caught within, in the midst of being thrown through the air, the very moment they effectively gave their lives for the sake of the city and the world.

They sat around me, all well-built, tall men, a barrier between me and the rest of the occupants of the bus. My self-styled escorts were among the last to leave, departing without so much as a glance my way, and I was last to step out into my territory.

The one who’d noticed me glanced my way; I met his eyes, and he gave me a curt nod before deliberately ignoring me. I appreciated the behind it, assuming it was for my benefit. even a helicopter, assuming Atlas wouldn’t hold up. I made my way deeper into my territory, my hat still stuffed in a bag, the soft rain wetting my hair and beading my skin.

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There was a hand print at one point where someone had tried to touch it, shifting the dust and moisture, losing some skin in the process.People were already officially moving into this area, which had once been the part of Brockton Bay that people were urged to stay away from. I felt a measure of distaste as I spotted a crude attempt at my ‘tag’ on the side of one of the nicer, newer homes: a narrow, pale blue condominium.I’d made requests that the graffiti be kept subtle, and I’d told people who worked for me to pass on word that others shouldn’t take it on themselves to repeat the mark elsewhere, to limit confusion.Others progressed down my arms, making their way to the dress, doing much the same with the fabric.

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