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24-Nov-2017 23:37

In Rajasthan, agriculture forms their primary occupation but a few are traders, bankers, sculptors of idols and makers of wooden seats for the idols.

In Chandigarh the Brahmin are gradually diversifying into administration, teaching, business, and the legal profession.

According to Hindu law and tradition, the spiritual and intellectual power of the Brahmin is strictly separate from the temporal power of the Kshatriya, the ruler or warrior class.

Since India’s independence in 1947 there has been large numbers of Cabinet Ministers, Chief Ministers, MPs and Members of the State Legislative Assemblies (MLAs).

Although the Brahmin can follow any profession or means of livelihood, no one except a Brahmin can be a socially accepted priest.

The Brahmins of the later Vedic period dating 900-600 BC were divided into exogamous clans that restricted matrimonial choice and dictated ritual. This system, which was copied in. Some Brahmin of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are Roman Catholics whose conversion took place in late19th century. Until recently they had.… continue reading »

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Dec 1, 2016. Mr Iyer is a thin, sad Tamil Brahmin like Don Quixote in the winter of his life, left at a home for the dying in Varanasi by his family. A loser in his past life, he is a big reader, suffers from a psychotic disorder and believes he's an incarnation of Bhima, reborn to destroy Bakasura, the embodiment of all earthy.… continue reading »

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