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24-Jan-2017 08:48

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Idempotent processing, as defined above, does not exclude fundamental changes, only that processing the same data twice has the same effect as processing it once.

But here, in fact, idempotent processing means that a form submission causes anywhere except on the user's screen (or, more generally speaking, in the user agent's state). If such a form is resubmitted, it might get different data (if the data had been changed meanwhile), but the submission would not any update of data or other events.

For query systems this may have a considerable efficiency impact, especially if the query strings are simple, since caches might serve the most frequent queries. The user could then bookmark it or cut&paste it for later use (e.g.

to be E-mailed or put into one's own HTML document after some editing).

The concept of changes should not be taken too pedantically; for instance, it can hardly be regarded as a change that a form submission is logged into the server's log file.

On the other hand, sending E-mail should normally be regarded as "an effect on the state of the world".

However, it does not explain why those methods are recommended for idempotent vs. Neither does it explain what practical difference there might be between the methods.

The browser divides the URL into parts and recognizes a host, then sends to that host a is inapplicable in principle, although it may work in practice (mainly for ISO Latin 1 characters).

Thus, for a query where the keywords might contain e.g.

Therefore, it was not possible to change an existing field to packed format without breaking wire compatibility. In the examples above, we have used field numbers in the range 50000-99999.

In 2.3.0 and later, this change is safe, as parsers for packable fields will always accept both formats, but be careful if you have to deal with old programs using old protobuf versions. In the future, other language-specific code generators may generate deprecation annotations on the field's accessors, which will in turn cause a warning to be emitted when compiling code which attempts to use the field. This range is reserved for internal use within individual organizations, so you can use numbers in this range freely for in-house applications.Naturally, it is not possible to ensure that the server does not generate side-effects as a result of performing a GET request; in fact, some dynamic resources consider that a feature.The important distinction here is that the user did not request the side-effects, so therefore cannot be held accountable for them. Method Options option (my_file_option) = "Hello world!