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12-Apr-2017 14:35

I don’t know what the rocket refers to, if anything. Kevin O'Neill says that it's from the movie Flight to Mars.

If you’re under 18 or have a delicate disposition, look away.Scoop, routinely voted one of the best novels of the 20th century, is a scathing savaging of the English sensationalist press.In Scoop the newspaper for which the protagonist works is the Daily Beast.By doing so, the alliance against Iraq, which ironically also included Syria, remained in tact.

Had the Israelis engaged Iraqi targets, it would have broken the alliance and possibly led to widespread confrontation in the middle east twenty years ago. And Israel, which in May made the unilateral decision to destroy a Syrian weapons facility, may well return fire.

I believe the quartet of men wearing owl masks and Elizabethan clothing are from a penny dreadful, but I’ve been unable to place it.