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The daughter of an engineer and an art teacher, Mayer demonstrated an early affinity for math and science.While at Wausau West High, she worked at a local grocery store, where she memorized the number codes for produce items in order to streamline the checkout process.

There comes a moment in every very ambitious person’s life when she sees with perfect clarity that the path before her is blocked. 20 and Silicon Valley’s reigning “geek queen,” this moment occurred last year, when her former boyfriend, Google co-founder Larry Page, kicked her off the company’s elite operating committee, to which she had been appointed the previous year.

Adding even more interest to the appointment, Mayer and her husband, venture capitalist Zachary Bogue, gave birth to their first child—a baby boy named Macallister—on September 30, 2012.

In September 2015, Mayer wrote on her Tumblr blog, that she was pregnant with identical twins and would give birth in December.

If you’re on it, you have a hand in shaping Google’s future—and, therefore, the future of global technology.

If you’re not—well then, you have Google on your résumé and a net worth estimated at 0 million.And when Page overhauled the operating committee, or “OC,” Mayer’s reduced status was made both explicit and public.The committee was renamed “the L-Team,” after the boss, and he pushed Mayer off in order to make room for a handful of others, including Android and You Tube masterminds Andy Rubin and Salar Kamangar.In a 2008 interview, however, she seemed to be looking ahead to her next act.