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L'accueil et le cadre n'est pas aussi chaleureux que la présentation le suggèrait.

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This isn’t to say that the service at Le Duc isn’t good–it is–but rather that it plays quiet favorites with its regulars, because this restaurant spins on the axis of its regulars.The people we stalked in those days had beauty, talent or breeding, or all of the above.So Le Duc is a bastion of the Parisian old guard, which is sort of ironic given the fact that the original owners, the Minchelli brothers, completely upended traditional French seafood cooking when they hung our their shingle over thirty years ago (the restaurant has since changed owners).After I stepped into the vestibule at Le Duc, a long-running seafood house in Montparnasse, a delightfully nostalgia-freighted evening pushed out from the dock the moment I was seated at a corner table in the wood-paneled dining room.